The high quality services provided by our Company is due to the outstanding professional qualifications and skills of our engineers and workers. We have all official permissions and certificates, that allow us to carry out our installations with a high degree of specialization.

Our highly skilled work experience made us a reference Company in the industrial and service sector of HVAC installations.

Our Know-How and our consolidated work experience, are our main competitive advantages.

We have a team of technicians, engineers, and technical staff with academic and professional training, even with industrial engineering degree. This is a necessary condition to obtain all the official permissions, approvals and certifications that allow us to run our business activity.

We have created an organizational culture based on an understanding of our clients’ core business.

We always offer a proactive perspective giving our customers: professionalism, efficiency, communication skills and degree of involvement.

Avelino Gándara


Calor y Ambiente´s founding partner. His professional career is linked to the Company´s history

He has an electrical engineer degree and more than 40 years experience in the field of HVAC installations and in industrial processes that require heating/cooling energy.

Mr. Gándara has developed his career at companies like Isolux Galicia and Caloria s.l..

His knowledge and experience is part of the know-how of the Company, and his values are the essence of the business philosophy of Calor y Ambiente s.l.

Marcos Gándara


Electrical Industrial Engineer and Executive MBA.

He is clearly targeted to industry profile.

He started his business activity in Calor y Ambiente s.l, in the HVAC installations sector.

After that, he has been working as Technical Manager in Auximet s.a, and later he has also been Gas Responsible Manager in Isolux Watt in Galicia.

During more than 10 years he has been the Manager Director of Group IG (Maderas Iglesias s.a).

He has a consolidated experience as project manager, especially in the implantation of international industrial processes: Easter Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Germany) and South America (Brazil).

In 2.012 he rejoins the company Calor y Ambiente s.l for taking over the leadership of the business.

Miguel Díaz

Technical Manager.

He studied industrial engineering in the field of “Industrial Organization”.

He has specific training in conditioning air, including steam, energy efficiency, heating and cooling networks, renewable energies, etc.

In 2.003 he started in Calor y Ambiente s.l, as Technical Manager and budgeting.

He has coordinated many relevant HVAC projects in the tertiary and industrial sectors.

Antonio Bernárdez

Maintenance Responsible.

He has studied FP2 and Technical Engineer in the field of “Electricity”. He has also specific training as refrigeration technician, fluorinated gases manipulator, automata controller, medium and low voltage, etc.

He started in Calor y Ambiente in 1.990, and he is the responsible for the commissioning of the installations, and he also the runs the maintenance department and Customers attendance.