Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Def: It is the use of a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat.

The useful heat makes the plant to have a high energetic efficiency, with a very significant energy saving.

The name Trigeneration means to produce at the same time electricity, heat and cool (usually by means of an absorption or adsorption machine)

Calor y Ambiente s.l., has been one of the ground breaking companies in Cogeneration thermal power plant installations, mainly in Galician industrial yield. We have experience installing these thermal power plants in a he variety of areas of activity like wood industry, food industry and canning industry.

In all cases we project high efficiency energetic installations always trying to get the highest and optimum electrical performance.

Calor y Ambiente s.l, as an installer of Cogeneration / Trigeneration plants, we offer installation services of:

  • Natural Gas Power Engines.
  • Biofuel/Diesel Fuel Engines
  • Absorption/Adsorption Cooling Machines.
  • Microgeneration (<1Mw).

We also offer our Customers Total Customized Advise in order to get the highest level of energetic efficiency in their installations, and we also give them our knowledge and experience for selling and commercializing the electrical energy produced, for self consumption or selling, always considering the current legal legislation: regulatory and environmental monitoring (CO2 emissions).