Permissions and Approvals

The high quality services provided by our Company is due to the outstanding professional qualifications and skills of our engineers and workers. We have all official permissions and certificates, that allow us to carry out our installations and business activity with a high degree of specialization
So we always get all the permissions, certifications, official approvals and qualifications, ratifications, and recognitions that allows us to design, calculate and execute all our installations, under the highest quality standard requirements.
Here we mention some of these certifications and permissions:

  • – Installation Company of Building HVAC: D.C.E nº EIT3600006/ Card Number: PO-00005.
  • – Maintenance Company of HVAC Building: D.C.E. nº EMT36000044 / Card Number: PO-00005.
  • – Refrigeration Installation Company: D.C.E. nº FIF36000013 / Card Number: PO-00030.
  • – Maintenance Company of Refrigeration: D.C.E. nº FCF36000013 / Card Number: PO-00019.
  • – Installation Company of Pressure Equipment and Vessels: D.C.E. nº EIP-2 36/6.
  • – Repair Company of Pressure Equipment and Vessels: D.C.E. nº ERP-2 36/6.
  • – Installation Company of Liquid Petroleum products: D.C.E. nº EPII36000013 / Card Number: PO-00028.
  • – Authorized Gas Installer IG-IV:PO-102.
  • – Small Producer and Handler of Hazardous Waste: Nº PO-RP-P-PP-01530 / Nº NIMA: 3600006836.
  • – REA Credited Company with nº 11/36/0007685.