Electrical Facilities, HVAC Management: Building Solutions

Calor y Ambiente s.l., designs and manufactures its own electrical distribution panels in medium/low tension, and we also prepare all the management cabinets for our HVAC installations.

On demand, we give to our Customers Building Integrated Solutions like:

  • – Automation and Management Control of HVAC Installations.
  • – Energy parameters definition and setting: Determine the value of the critical variables of HVAC Control.
  • – Monitoring of process/Equipment variables
  • – HVAC Controls and accesories.
  • – Network Automation Engines Selection and Program.
  • – Definition and installing of Controllers, Network Architecture, User interface, etc.
  • – Web based Technology, Remote monitoring, Data adquisition and reporting, etc
  • – Home and Industry HVAC Automation.

We always supply “customized and tailored solutions” according our Customer´s requirements and needs, with energy efficiency criteria, and possibility of management and control the HVAC installation directly by the user or by an external professional/technician.