Heating and Hot Water Supply

Due to high thermal energy requirements in the industrial processes or in the tertiary sector (ex.hospitals), it is common to use Steam (dry/wet/overheated), Thermal oil, or Superheated water as heat carrier fluids.

For the correct calculation of high temperature distribution pipeline networks is necessary to have an important technical qualification.

Calor y Ambiente s.l., is an accredited Installation Company of Pressure Equipment and Vessels ( Permissions and Approvals ), and we are also certified for Repairing Pressure Equipment and Vessels:

We offer installation solutions like:

  • Steam Boilers / Thermal Oil Boilers / Superheated Water Boilers.
  • – Distribution Steam Network.
  • – Pirotubular and aquatubular boilers.
  • – Clean Steam: High Purity.
  • – Condensate Network.
  • – Condensate Recovery (electrical Pumps)
  • – Vacuum condensate return recovery.
  • – Liquid Drain Traps, flowmeters and pipeline auxiliaries.
  • – Steam Injection Humidifiers.
  • – Process Heat Exchange recovery with Steam.