Humidity Control

Many industrial processes, like manufacturing in Clean Rooms , have an accurate air humidity control level.

Processes of humidification or dehumidification are very common in a range variety of activities, like in industrial field (food industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics,…) , or in the tertiary sector (swimming pools, frozen food, museums, malls, supermarkets, etc.)

Depending on customer´s requirements we can control only air humidity or we can control temperature and humidity at the same time (heating/cooling cycles with humidity control).

In Calor y Ambiente s.l, we offer installation services like:

  • – Steam Injection Humidifiers.
  • – Installation of Humidifiers (Spraying/Evaporation/Vaporization):
    • Local Humidifiers
    • Pipeline Humidifiers.
  • – Dehumidifiers (with/without Temperature Control).
    • With Cooling battery
    • Absortion Devices:
      • With desiccants.
      • Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling and Heating (with electrical/Steam/Gas Regeneration)
  • – Mist Elimination (droplet separator systems)