Renewal Energies

According with our commitment in the energetic efficiency and in the environmental preservation, Calor y Ambiente s.l., is present with the most innovative applications with renewal energies in HVAC processes, using among others: Solar Energy (Thermal and Photovoltaic), Biomass and Geothermal.



We mentioned different types of solar energy installations:

  • – Thermal Solar: We transfer the solar heat to a thermo carrier fluid useful to produce hot water that we can use for building heating or for other domestic uses. Normally these type of installations are support to traditional heating systems (ex. Radiant underflooring heating), hot water, swimming pools heating, etc
  • – Photovoltaic Solar: We transform the solar radiation into electricity.
  • – Thermal Electrical Solar: We transfer the heat of the sun to a carrier fluid which is converted into steam, and that will produce electricity.

So in the field of the solar energy, Calor y Ambiente s.l., offers to our Customers, installations of Thermal and Photovoltaic Solar energy, and particularly installations of:

  • – Solar Thermal Heaters
  • – Energy Dissipators.
  • – Vacuum Tube Colectors.
  • – Energy Recovery Solutions; Hot Water Supply, Radiant Underflooring heating, Swimming pools Heating, etc.
  • Solar Cooling with Absorption machines.


Calor y Ambiente s.l, is an consolidated installation company in biomass boilers, from low to high power, from the home building sector, to the tertiary sector (ex. Schools), and also in the industry, with higher power demand (ex. Wood industry)


We offer our Customers installations of:

  • – Biofuel Boilers: Pellets/Firewood, Air stoves…
  • – Forest Solid Waste Boilers and Heaters (Industry): Thermal Oil/Hot Water/Superheated Water/Steam.
  • – Gas epurators: Multicyclon/Microcyclon/Electrostatic Filters/Others.
  • – External hoppers/Grinding machines/Storage Silo/Feeding belts, etc




Calor y Ambiente s.l. has been one of the pioneers companies in Galicia in the use of the geothermic energy for HVAC services. In the 90´s decade we made energy recovery solutions with geothermal energy and with the heat of the waste waters in HVAC for swimming pools, spas, and health resorts.

With the development of the geothermal pumps, more HVAC applications appear on the market, and we have more energetic efficiency than conventional installations. We can supply conditioned air, cooling, heating and hot water at the same time.

Calor y Ambiente s.l, offers HVAC installations of:

  • – Geothermal Heat Pumps: Air/Water, Water/Water.
  • – Geothermal Collectors: Vertical extraction/Horizontal extraction /Phreatic and groundwater extraction.
  • – Aerothermic with Geothermal recovery.
  • – Heat exchanger for use of geothermal energy recovery.

instaladores de instalaciones de energia geotermica del suelo en galicia