Energy Efficiency

The continuous innovation, the energy efficiency, the optimization and improvement of process, the search for “customized and upgrading solutions”, the environmental conscience, and the cost reduction, are foundational rules of our Company. These values are always present in the design, calculation, project and execution of our HVAC installations, and also taken into consideration for the maintenance and good management of all our projects.

Our consolidated experience in the industrial field has been focused in optimizing the use of the thermal energy and/or heating/cooling of industrial processes, always looking for energy saving. We always get great results in such competitive sectors like: automotive industry, Chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, etc


Calor y Ambiente is specialized in energy efficiency in HVAC installations in two fields:

  • – Industrial and Tertiary Customers.
  • – Building solutions.


In both cases we always give our Customers “tailored solutions”, and we offer Total Customized Advise, including:

Technical Advise:

  • – Installation Energy Optimization. Use policy.
  • – Study and Optimization of energetic consumptions.
  • – Thermal installation Maintenance.
  • – Electrical/Thermal Performance Improvement.
  • – Energy distribution saving and Energy Recovery: Minimization of Energy Losses:
    • Thermal isolation of pipelines and ducts.
    • Control of electric consumption of pumps/coils.
    • Free Cooling Systems: Air/Water.
    • Energy Recovery devices: rotatives, evaporatives, batteries with pumps, etc.
    • Heating/Cooling energy transfer between building areas.
    • Use and exploitation of the interchanged heat in cooling cycles.
  • – Use of renewal energies as support systems.
  • – Automation and Management Control of HVAC Installations.

Rules and Legal Advise:

  • – Assistance for Contracting/Purchasing/Selling and Management of Energy Supply Contracts: Electricity/Gas/Petrol….
  • – Environmental and Waste Management Protection.