Def: “a pollutants particle controlled room, where you can check and control the introduction, generation and retention of these suspended particles, and where the temperature, humidity and pressure are controlled “.

So we are considering an area where some critical parameters are always controlled in set points, regardless of external conditions. The most important parameters to be controlled are: number and dimension of suspended particles, dry&wet temperature, air flow (speed, direction and distribution), indoor pressure, distribution of the temperature, geometry and interior design, lighting, fire protection system, electrostatic protection, control and management safety, energy and efficiency control, and communication.

Calor y Ambiente specializes in HVAC installations in Cleanrooms classification ISO1 to ISO-9, or equivalent: Class1 to Class 100.000.

Our experience made us a leading HVAC installation Company in fields like:

  • – Semiconductor and electronics industry: computers, televisions, integrated circuits, etc.
  • – Micromechanics industry: gyroscopes, CD equipment, etc.
  • – Optical industry: laser equipment, lens, etc.
  • – Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: raw material supply, drugs production, etc.
  • – Medical equipment: heart valves, by-pass systems, etc.
  • – Food industry: processed food and drink, beverage packaging, etc.
  • – Hospitals and clinics: laboratories, surgery and operation rooms, etc.