Calor y Ambiente s.l is an official and approved company ( Permissions and Approvals ) for the installation of liquid petrol products (Diesel oil tanks, fuel oil vessels, etc).

We have also official certification for Gases installations (Natural Gas, Propane, Methane, Butane, etc) in all qualification levels: IG-1-2-3-4; it means from low and A Medium Pressure to high Pressure installations.

Among other services, we offer our Customers installation solutions like:

  • Petroleum Liquid Products Storage: Diesel Oil, Fuel Oil, Petrol, others;
    • Accumulation Tanks (Overground /Underground).
    • Pumping Station and Pressure Stations.
    • Pipelines: copper/Steel.
    • Loading mouth, pumps, etc


  • Natural Gas /Methane/ Propane/Butane:
    • Supply Connection Line.
    • Regulation and Measuring Station.
    • Tanks: Bulk Gas/ Canalised Gas.
    • Distribution Pipelines (Steel/Polyethylene)
    • Gas Meters.