Heating and Hot Water Supply

The heating and cooling fluid distribution from the generation plants to the consumption points requires to dimension and to execute pipelines and networks.

Calor y Ambiente s.l., offers to our Customers, installations of pipelines considering:

  • – Fluid type:
    • Hot/Cold water.
    • Steam /Thermal Oil/ Superheated Water /Condensate.
    • Refrigerants.
  • – Type of construction material:
    • Carbon Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Copper.
    • Polyethylene /Polypropylene/ PVC
    • Etc.

We also supply and install air duct networks for air distribution. Among others we install ducts of:

  • – Carbon Steel Sheet.
  • – Aluminum Plate.
  • – Galvanized Steel.
  • – Fiberglass.
  • – Flexible and metal.


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