Compressed Air

Compressed Air is one of the most common installations used in Industry, and normally it is associated to processes that require mechanical work.

Nowadays we always look for saving and energy efficiency solutions for the calculation of compressors and pneumatic networks. So we even use the residual heat of the compressors as an energy source of support.

Calor y Ambiente s.l., offers to our Customers pneumatic installations of:

  • – Compressors:
    • Air and Gas Compressors: Boosters, centrifugal (Low/Medium Pressure, and Turbocompressors), Screw, Pistons, Scroll, Tooth, etc.
  • – Dessicant Dryers / Rotary Drum Dryers / Heatless Dessicant Dryers /Membrane Dryers/Refrigerant Dryers…
  • – Oil/ Water Separators.
  • – Air Receivers.
  • – Energy Recovery Solutions: “Waste Heat Recovery”
  • – Compressed Air pneumatic networks:
    • Carbon Steel.
    • Stainless Steel.